Electric Bikes Plus Opens Kiosk at The Festival Marketplace


Electric Bikes Plus, is now open for business in the brick and mortar world. You can see, touch, and ride any of the various eBikes on display at the Festival Marketplace in Pompano Beach, located just east of  the Turnpike off of Sample Road.

Whether you’re on a tight budget but still looking for a quality electric bike or you are interested in an eBike with a torque-sensor mid-drive motor, Electric Bikes Plus has just the right ebike for you. The prices range from $1350 to $2900 featuring varous brands of all shapes, sizes and configurations.

EBP carries mountain bikes, road bikes, Tikes, step-thru cruisers, commuters, and is rolling out a few 750-watt fat tire monsters next week. Some of the brands Electric Bikes Plus is carrying are Bagibike, Emojo, genZe, Greenbike, and our flagship MidDrive Electric Bikes.

Electric Bikes Plus is located through the green Celebration entrance next to the Snow Queen Ice Cream shop and the Sundog Eyewear shop. Come by to say and check out these incredible two-wheel electric options.

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