What is an electric bike?

An electric bike is the same as, or quite similar to a regular bike, but with an on-board battery and electric motor; using a throttle, pedal assist and /or a combination of the two, that powers the bike.

How fast do electric bikes go?

Most electric bicycles will go approximately 20 mph. Some eBikes can reach speeds much higher. The majority of our models comply with the federal speed limit of 20 mph. Some of our off-road models are faster and reach speeds up to 28 mph or more. With proper maintenance operation, electric bicycles are safe for most everybody to ride. It’s recommended to follow the same safety precautions for riding any bicycle.

What are the different ways the motor works with the bicycle?
  1. Some eBikes are equipped with a throttle, giving complete control over powering the bike. You simply engage the throttle and the motor powers the bike.
  2. Some eBikes are equipped with Pedal Assist, which engages the motor by the action of pedaling. Sensors detect when you are pedaling. This activates the motor to provide additional assistance. Most bikes with pedal assist, or pedelec, will offer a numeric level of choice to choose how much assistance the motor should offer.


How far can I travel on a charge?

This depends of the model that you choose — among other factors. The average is 35 miles.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

About five (5) hours depending on the battery capacity.

Will an eBike recharge while pedaling?

While some pedaling charge systems exist, our eBikes do not recharge while pedaling. The batteries and motors offered on eCycle Plus area of superior quality and more cost-effective than such charging systems.

Can I ride my electric bicycle in the rain?

It’s perfectly okay to ride in light rain. However, you should avoid riding in hard rain whenever possible. While some of the newer models will keep your electronics safe from rain, it’s harder to stop and turn in the wet weather. If you do ride in the rain, just like with any vehicle, you should be extra careful around painted lines, pot holes, sewer or drain grates, railroad crossings, bridges, leaves and those surfaces that tend to be more slippery when wet. If you live in an environment where rain is common, consider fenders to keep the water kicking up from your tires. Use a cover if you leave your bike outdoors. Continual rain may seep into the controller and battery and cause damage.

Do I need a license or insurance?

Generally, a license, registration, or insurance is not required. Please check your state/local laws to make sure this applies to your local area.

Is assembly required?

Yes, some assembly is required, but most eBikes are shipped all but completely assembled. Depending on the make and model, you may have to install the handle bars, the bike seat, and the wheel(s) by following a short set of instructions. A small tool kit is provided with what you’ll need for assembly. If you have fixed a flat or changed a bike tire, you shouldn’t have much trouble assembling your eBike.


How long until a battery needs to be replaced?

With proper care, the batteries can last between five and ten years.

What is the battery made of?

Electric Bike batteries are most commonly equipped with lithium-ion technology.

What maintenance is required?

Battery maintenance is minimal. With proper charging and cool, dry storage, your battery should be fine. Refer to your owner’s manual for more information.

Does eCycle Plus provide any customer service help for maintenance issues?

Absolutely. You can contact us for technical support, maintenance help, or for any other service related requests.

Where can I buy eBike accessories and additional parts?

You can get parts from our website. Let us know if there’s something you don’t see on the website, as we are currently adding Accessories in our webstore. Our bikes are compatible with most all of the aftermarket accessories in the market, which can be purchased online or at most any bike shop.