What little you know of eBikes may be why you don’t own one…

Electric bikes have taken Asia and Europe by storm — where they have virtually redefined local transport. But in the US, half of everybody still doesn’t know what an electric bike is. As we see more and more eBikes riding down then road everyday that’s clearly changing quickly.

eBikes (as they’re called), are very much like traditional bicycles in many ways. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, configurations and are built for various purposes. Quality eBikes are equipped with super composite lightweight frames, Shimano derailleurs, fancy gear shifters, hydraulic disc brakes, and other hi-tech components you’ll find on top-line traditional bikes. Of course, they’re electric. So at your discretion, you can utilize the lithium ion battery that charges a small powerful motor which engages the wheel. And you can do so at various levels of engagement. The equipment has become so slight and streamlined, you’ve probably seen several ebikes recently and in passing, mistook it for a regular bike.
If you are looking for an alternate commute to work, to cruise by the beach or to shred the dirt trails, there’s an eBike for you. To anybody in the market for a bicycle, consider an eBike. Here’s a brief guide to help choose your ride.

Dispelling the eBike Myth
Whether you are interested in buying an electric bike or are just now learning about them, the thing to know about electric bikes is that you can pedal all you want for exercise, just like you would on your old traditional bike. But if you’d rather just cruise and enjoy the breeze, you flick the throttle and off you go. It really is a best of both of worlds scenario.

The benefits are clear… electric bikes are a great low-cost, enviro-friendly means of powered assisted local transportation — but at the end of the day, these things are just frickin fun. Most newer models, and all of the eBikes in our store come with Pedelec – an adjustable system that integrates pedaling with the motor. To learn more about electric bicycles and their features, visit our FAQ page.

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