Aero Apex Electric Folding eBike


20 MPH


750 Watts


35 Miles plus


48V 13.6Ah


Designed for long rides and all terrains. Beach, street, or mountains the Apex knows no limits.

With its 750W Bafang motor and 13.6Ah Samsung battery pack, theApex provides the zip needed for your daily commute designed to make your daily activities comfortable, and stylish. Whether you’re off to work, the club, or around the city with friends Aero is the ride you’ve been looking for. Power, convenience, and versatility make this rugged space-saver an essential eBike for your collection. Take to the open road, relax under the sunset, let the wind brush against your face while exploring all of nature. Avoid public transportation pitfalls, navigate busy areas with ease, Triumph over time constraints during crunch time. You’re ready for fun. Get your workout on and exercise with confidence, knowing you can relax during your ride home. Aero eBikes lets you turn on/off the motor on-demand so you can choose if you want to sweat or fly.

We are extremely proud of our product and dedication to our craft. With that being said parts break, and things stop working, which is why we offer a 1-year guarantee on all parts of your bike. With service centers all over Florida, you’re always close to a convenient location for you to get your eBike serviced.

The warranty covers all manufacturer defects as well as issues resulting from normal wear and tear. If an issue occurs that is not covered by warranty please advise us so we can still get you the best service at the most convenient location to get you back on the road. Aero eBikes stands behind our product and wants you to have the best experience from purchase and beyond.

A 750 Rear-hub Bafang motor is powered by a 48V 13.6Ah Samsung Li-Ion battery. Equipped with dual suspension, the Apex is designed for long rides and all terrains. Whether pedaling or throttling on the beach, street, or mountains, the Apex knows no limits.
Aero’s Apex is the ultimate for your electric bike experience. The extra wide and padded seat provides comfort for longer rides, while the fat tires allow for your to take it off road for an experience with nature. Wherever you need to go allow Apex to take you to the top.


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Electric Bikes Plus is now open for business at the Pompano Beach Festival Marketplace via the Celebration Entrance at K5139, just east of the Turnpike on Sample Road.


All of our eBikes come with a manufacturer warranty. And while most common issues can be repaired at home or at your local bike shop, we’re here if you need us to help us.

This quality dual suspension folding eBike is the best of both worlds

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