Monthly Archives: October 2018

eCyclePlus at the Forefront of the Electric Pedaling Revolution

eCyclePlus Premiers on SoFloTV…along with partner, South Beach Cycle, we’re featured in this brand new segment on SoFlo TV… This promotion was made possible by the eBikes Florida Association—who promote a partnership among the Electric Bikes stores throughout the state to offer better service and lower prices. Let us know if you have any questions. […]

Premium Folding Bagi eBikes

Turn Your Destination Into Your Origin! Premium Folding Bagi eBikes are premium electric bikes built from quality aluminum alloy with smart electrical systems. They offer several options to meet your riding needs. Since 2010, Bagi has combined sleek sturdy folding frames with powerful quality motors and long-lasting lithium ion batteries. Integrated with advanced software technology, […]

What little you know of eBikes may be why you don’t own one…

Electric bikes have taken Asia and Europe by storm — where they have virtually redefined local transport. But in the US, half of everybody still doesn’t know what an electric bike is. As we see more and more eBikes riding down then road everyday that’s clearly changing quickly. eBikes (as they’re called), are very much […]

Lynn MBA Graduate Students Involved In Electric Bike Marketing Venture

At Lynn, classes not only provide credits that count toward a degree, but may also offer real-world experience. This is the case with Dr. Matteo Peroni’s MBA 628 class. In this “Special Topics in Marketing” course, students are working on a consulting project for a local entrepreneur to help him expand his up-and-coming electric bicycles […]